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December 21, 2004

Making money out of thin air - Part 1

Every homo sapien is interested in making money, you and I are no exception. Some are trying to work harder, while some are trying to work smarter. There are people coming out with new high-tech gadgets derived from new technological breakthrough, and at the same time, there are also creative people coming out with new tricks to con people. Well, I bet you have seen bogus monks before, still "begging for money" even in the afternoon at 4 pm. Hey, the real ones beg for alms (in the form of food) and will return to the monastery before 12 pm. Here comes the stupid public who thinks that giving money "towards god" will gain them some extra mileage in their daily life. Some said it improves their luck, some said they were healed from a chronic disease, and some even mentioned that their kids do better at school...

This reminds me of a story about dividing money donated by followers of certain religious groups. If you the kind of people who are too serious or sensitive on religion, please click the "X" button on the top right corner of your browser immediately. Bye.

OK, here is how the story goes. Once upon a time, there were 4 chief priests of different religions met to discuss and find a method to divide money donated by followers. The first guy drafted a proposal where certain percentages go to charity, certain percentages will be used to upkeep the place of worship, a fair amout to cover his daily expense, etc. The second guy proposed, "I would draw a line and I would throw all the money up in the air. Whatever falls on the left will be used to run the place of worship, whatever falls on the right will be used to cover my daily expenses". The third guy not to be outdone, thought of an even better idea, "I would draw a circle, and I would throw all the money up in the air as well. Money that falls inside the circle will be my *salary*". Wow! What a great idea? The last guy who remained silent since the beginning said, "Come on guys! Use your brain la... ". "Since god is up there, I would just throw all the money up in the air and tell him to grab whatever he wants. If he doesn't want the money, I will take it la..." Thank you, sir! You are a genius, meeting adjourned, let's go for lunch. Must order a bowl of 佛跳墻 today!


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