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Pil Seung

Location: Penang, Malaysia

June 20, 2005

Some Fundamental Truths About Me

Some people asked me whether I had abandoned my blog. Well, I was busy with my new apartment. Even though I moved in a few months ago, there are still a lot of things to clear. I need to unpack stuffs from the cartons and at the same time, make way for furniture as well. I found something again. It is a piece of paper, I believe, created using Wordstar. I made a search on Google and found nothing like it. So, I guess that this thing was around the time before Internet was introduced to the general public. It is a piece of "mantra" for you to stick up on the wall for "self-improvement", or things similar to that extend. By the way, the author did not put his / her name there. Here it goes.

Some Fundamental Truths About Me

I'm responsible for my life
for every feelings and
for every result I get.
I must not blame others or circumstances.

People are always blaming circumstances
for what they are.
I don't believe in circumstances.
I am one who gets on in this world,
who gets up and
looks for the circumstances I want.
If I can't find, I'll make them.

I'm the only problem that I'll ever have,
and I realise that I'm the only solution.

I'm one of the greatest people I know.
I make the difference and I make it happens.

Those who know the truth learn to love it.
Those who love the truth learn to live it.