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Location: Penang, Malaysia

July 03, 2005

Stupid Malaysian mentality - Part 1

While on the road, most Malaysians swear and curse female drivers. Anyway, this is a general statement. Many people mention things like female drivers are unable to estimate distance and thus, bang their cars into dividers, walls, poles, etc. Some mention that the best women can do to their cars is filling up petrol (gasoline). They will not keep track on the engine oil change schedule, never top up battery water, never check whether there is still water in the radiator, etc. Some driving with under-inflated tyres, coming out of the junction without looking whether there are on-coming cars, and so on. In short, these people label women as reckless drivers and their cars are defininetly not taken care of.

On the other hand, when it comes to purchasing used cars, these same group of people prefers cars previosly owned by women drivers. These people will argue with you that ladies are gentle to their cars, and they never rev'ed the engine too high. Women know how to decorate and keep the cleanliness of the interior. Female drivers will not drive their cars for long distance, and they usually use them to go to the wet market to buy groceries. You may check the odomoter if you don't believe.

Well, try to look into the classifed advertisement section in the newspaper. People will put the additional comment "lady driver" in order to fetch a higher selling price. Surprisingly, many people also agree to pay such premium.

I am really confuse now. First you complain that cars owned by women are really in a terrible state because they are dumb and not fit to own cars. Now, we hear from the very group of people that cars own by women are really fantastic.

A friend told me, "don't complain, and don't ever tell people that they are stupid, go and work on their stupidity so that it benefits you". Therefore, Malaysian husbands buy cars and register their wives as the owners so that they can get a better price when they want to sell the cars.

Men and women are equally good and bad when it comes to cars. So, don't be sexist, don't discrimate, don't listen to the salesman. Please use your own judgement. Get help from those who really know about cars. If you have too much money, and want to buy a car previosly owned by a lady, please consider my point of view. Of course, you may also donate some of your money to me.


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