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Location: Penang, Malaysia

October 17, 2005

Dress Rehearsal

We played the game and won big time!!! But this is not the point.
We participated in this game as a team, learned a lot from the game and from each other.
We discovered our true self, what each of us is good at and what are the areas of improvement.
We learned that in a team, everyone is equally important no matter what role you are playing.
We found that trust and empowerment is something you need in a performing team.
We understood that everyone is unique and respecting others earns you even more respect.
The list is almost endless.
Something we will not deny, we really enjoyed being in a team, had fun, and will never forget!

That was the copyrighted simulation game by Marin County based American Consulting & Training - Dress Rehearsal.

As the saying goes, you mileage may vary. So, everyone will experience the game differently. Some like it very much and want to go for the fourth round, while some think that is the mother of all tortures. After all, it is designed to simulate complex and matriced situation in life. Strike a balance, do your best and on the other hand, not too serious to the point that you want to throw punches.

No one gets out of life alive!


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