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Location: Penang, Malaysia

January 05, 2005

Box Box Box Boxing Day!

I remembered someone asked me before what Boxing Day is. Why the day after Chrismas is know as Boxing Day? Is it because Mohamad Ali knocked out someone on Dec 26? Maybe many people got drunk the night before and continue to get drunk, started to fight each other? Well, Boxing Day is the day where churches open the donation boxes (alms-boxes) and the clergies distribute the money to needy people. By the way, Boxing Day is also known as St. Stephen's Day.

On the other hand, in Uncle Sam land, people like to use the word "box it" while filling up their stomach, especially at Chiense restaurants. Whatever you can't finish, tell the waiter to box it. Not to punch on it, but just telling the guy to put all your leftover into a box, so that you can take it home. By the way, boxing your food is not limited to Asian restaurants. You can also box your Tony Roma's Baby Back Ribs or steak if you can't finish them. These kind of yummy stuffs really make you box each other for the last piece...


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