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Location: Penang, Malaysia

July 11, 2005

小龙女 trying to commit suicide

Exactly one week ago, at this time (12:30 am), there was a commotion one floor below our apartment. It is rented by a few girls from China. These Chinese ladies are usually known as "little dragon lady" (小龙女). We didn't really care what they were talking about even though it was quite loud. A lot of talkings in Chinese with mainland China accent. At certain points, there were some loud bangs created from doors being slammed.

I continued to do some of my works. Well, I was really tired by 1:30 am and was ready for bed. Interestingly, these ladies still continued with their "party". So, I had better try my best to get some sleep. Otherwise, I won't be able to work tomorrow, as I told myself. I guess I managed to fall into Alpha state (half sleep, half awake), and was now and then awaken by noise created downstairs. This pattern repeated a few times until the clock was showing 4:00 am.

Things were getting "rowdy" by now. One of the girls opened the emergency exit at the balcony and said that she wanted to jump down. I want to die! Leave me alone! The other one tried to persuade her not to jump. Of course, it didn't work. If you jump, I will go down with you! Since both of them were not "stable", my neighbour and I decided to go down and stop them. We went downstairs, approached and pulled the girl from the balcony. Then, pinned her down on the floor with the Aikido Ikkyo / Ikkajo (first control). Everybody was trying their best to calm her down. More and more friends of hers came, all originated from China. We locked the emergency exit iron grille and left her with her friends. They kept apologizing to us on the incident. To me, it doesn't matter. Ths important thing is that everybody is safe. We want to have peaceful sleep, and I am sure they don't mean to disturb their neighbours purposely. We don't think making police report will help the situation.

My next door neighbour and I went up, had a chat, and say "good night" to each other. But, it was only at 6:00 am that I was able to be asleep.


Blogger Finn said...

Geees... you guys can tahan that long...but goood la... takla come out headline... mayb the gal don't want to do what is being forced to do....

1:12 PM  

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