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Location: Penang, Malaysia

December 03, 2005

夜上海 夜上海

The day started at 5:30 am on the 3rd of December, waking up in excitement. You didn't want to be late for your flight as you were just flying economy class. You didn't have the privilege to keep people waiting for you, and had your name announced a couple of times through the airport public address system. As the saying goes, it is better to be early than sorry.

Equipped with an upgraded frequent flyers card, you were actually being treated like a business class passenger. I was glad to beat the crowd. After a while, it was the time to say good bye to those sending us off. Yes, I said "us". A few of us were on the same mission, going to the same destination.

Before we board the plane, we were actually given the invitation card to use the airline lounge. You know, with your family members with you before boarding, you wanted to be with them as long as possible. So, I didn't bother to use the lounge. After clearing immigration and security, someone who didn't have the invitation to use the lounge was really desperate. We went in, and of course, I had the card, and he didn't. He didn't care much, just stormed in and grabbed a sandwich with the life hand, while opening a can of Coke with the right hand. Seems like this guy didn't had anything to eat for many days. I can't describe the situation in words, just feeling too embarassed to say anything. Someone approached us asked for the card, I gave mine, and I was done. As usual, some people really know how to dance. "Oh, you need a card to come in here ?" "They didn't issue it to me". OK, enough, I am heading to the boarding gate.

Transit at Hong Kong in the afternoon. Not much to see there, not much time for us to do anything. Looked for the gate and sat there. We reached Shanghai Pudong International Airport at almost 6:00 pm. Half a day was gone. The story will continue...


Blogger Finn said...

You need to be brave to act dumb. lol

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