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January 05, 2005

Knock 'em Dead Interview - Part 1

An interviewee who has a bachelor degree in Information Technology from a local public university really knocked me dead the other day. Here was one of the many interesting parts,

Bastard: Do you use a PC at home?

Idiot: Yes.

Bastard: What kind of CPU are you using?

Idiot: Clone one.

Bastard: I mean, the processor. What kind of processor and the speed?

Idiot: Pentium 3.

Bastard: What is the speed?

Idiot: Huh?

Bastard: The clock speed of the processor, you know?

Idiot: 32.

Bastard: What do you mean by 32?

Idiot: 32 MHz.

Bastard: (Hmm... Pentium III 32 MHz, where to find?) OK, good. How much RAM do you have?
Idiot: 32.

Bastard: 32, what ?

Idiot: 32 MHz.

Bastard: I see, I see.

Idiot: Oh, I think is 32 MB.

Bastard: What kind of operating system are you using?

Idiot: WinXP.

Bastard: (Hmm... WinXP running on 32MB... interesting) OK, do you go on the internet?

Idiot: Yes, I use TMnet.

Bastard: It is dialup or broadband?

Idiot: What's that?

Bastard: I mean, do you call 1515 using an analog modem or do you use Streamyx broadband?

Idiot: I use a modem to connect to 1515.

Bastard: What is the typical connection speed?

Idiot: 170 kbps

Bastard: OK. Thank you. Very good. Next!

OK, I am the bastard, call me whatever you like. Interview is not an event or an avenue for you to learn. It's too late. Don't waste your time and the interviewer's time. You have to do your homework before coming for the interview, and that's why I am not offering the answers.


Blogger Finn said...

This happen every where. All around the world. Mostly happens to those book worms, they read, they recall whats in the book. Those questions are too basic, don't waste your time to learn all those crap...you will never utilise it at work, so for the goood sake, the university skip that and straight to the advance mode and that's the result you get those people.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Winston Tan said...

hahahahahaha! i have yet to see this kind of people... please sir, teach me interviewing skills!

10:47 AM  

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