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Location: Penang, Malaysia

December 04, 2005

The first Shanghai night

The first impression on Shanghai when I landed was that "Is this China?". The immigration officers are all in blue, not like those in green I have seen last time in Shenzhen. I don't have any idea whether they revamped their uniform color, or this is something unique to Shanghai. Moving closer towards the immigration officer revealed to she is a "policewoman". The word 警察 is clearly written on the shoulder embroidery badge. Wait a minute, I thought police is known as 公安 in China. Again, this could be something unique to Shanghai again or they are trying to be copy cats. Not much difference from their Hong Kong counterparts except they don't speak Cantonese.

After we cleared immigration, we proceeded to take our baggage, and headed towards the custom. Nothing to declare. Next will be something that first timer will be tempted to try. Take the MagLev train from Pudong airport to Longyang station. The one way trip ticket costs 50 yuan (renminbi), which is roughly equivalent to RM 25. I read from the ticket counter that the magnetically levitated train will run at a top speed at 430 km/h during daytime. However, it will only run at 300 km/h in the evening. Well, paying RM 25 to travel at 300 km/h is definitely an "experience" rather than the stupid Malaysia Boleh KLIA Ekspres where you have to pay RM35 for a single trip.

Side track a little. After doing some research on the internet, it again, reinforces my belief that Germans are kind of gifted in the field of technology. They patented the basic maglev system before the World War II.

Reached 明天广场JW万豪酒店 pretty late. After taking a nice shower, we went out for a sumptous dinner, a buffet style BBQ bar. Oh yeah, we accept all major charge cards and credit cards. This fine print is "we don't accept foreign banks issued credit cards". So, we ended up paying by cash. To me, my "rule of buffet" is to try everything, just a little will do. However, some thinks that eating "char siew" repeatedly is cool. Damn it!

We walked along the Nanjing Road all the way to The Bund. Very nice experience. Now I know, this is Shanghai night!


Blogger Finn said...

Hehehe....they affordable for local fraud but not overseas fraud. Haha...

9:29 PM  

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