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Location: Penang, Malaysia

January 25, 2008

Thanks for the date!

When you travel, you have stories to tell. Travelling gives me some kind of satisfaction where you can break away from daily routine. Of course, you get to meet a lot of people, and sometimes become friends.

One interesting thing about meeting people while travelling is that you feel some extra bonds or connections just mainly due to the fact that you are from the same country and understand each other better. This is just my opinion anyway.

Before coming to my own stories, let me share something I saw. On the hotel shuttle to and from the airport, I saw an Asian guy with an American wife. When the door shut, the shuttle driver asked which airlines that we gonna take. That guy said, "Korean Air". Suddenly there was an elder lady mumbled something in Korean to that guy, and then, anyong haseyo, anyong haseyo… and they chatted until they went into the airport before bowing to each other goodbye.

I think most travelers also experience the same thing. While in our own country, we might not be that close, but once you go out of the country, you can become very good friends immediately. Actually, I am not much into this because I make a many local friends when I am travelling. This will be more fun, I think.

Anyway, before boarding the flight in Taiwan, I notice a girl travelling alone. Sometimes it is a bit tough to differentiate east Asians. I can singled out Japanese and Korean, but not differentiating between the two. That girl looks to me like Taiwanese.

When we arrived at the airport and cleared all the immigration and customs, we went out to wait for the shuttle. She asked me questions and then I realized she is a fellow Malaysian. So, we became instant friends. Coincidently, she was going to the same state I was going as well and that was great, I think because I don’t have to go eating and shopping alone.

So, we when we reached the next day, we went for pho (Vietnamese beef noodle) straight away. Then, shopping, period. Shopping is always great in the US and Americans friends always curious about what we buy in the US in such a short time? Hehehe… that will be another blog entry in the future. Finally, we went to get some groceries. That was fun. I am pretty dull at times and thanks, she was a good conversationalist. I also got to know that she just got married for a month. Congratulations!

We went for more shopping the next day. Woman is woman. She really can shop!

I told my wife and a few close friends about this "encounter". One thing that naturally comes to many people's mind is that, you fucked her or not? Damn it! Ah, I am not interested in fucking others people's wife la… come on. I always remember the wise man word, "don’t shit in your own backyard", i.e. don’t fuck your colleague, go fuck someone "faraway" la…

My Japanese friends even taught me things like "cincin wa kayui", "ippatsu yarasete…" Hahaha… but that is applicable to yappun-mui (Japanese girls) only. Maybe I look like a ham-sap-low (pervert)… niamah!

The more fun thing I did later in the week was with my lau-peng-yiu (old friend), Juliet Delta Lima. This time Mrs. Lima, Alpha Lima was also present. The just got married a few months ago on 9-8-7. Congratulations! Thanks for the hospitality and all the good food and wine.

To my new found friend, thanks for the company! Take care!


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