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May 21, 2007

A Hypothesis: The Origin of Malaysian People - Part 1

It has been a miserable year 2007 so far. Busy with making money is one thing, but busy with "work" itself is kind of stupid. Well, it is inter-related but at some point, we need to make the disctinction. Don't take life too seriously, no one gets out of life alive... Like Dewan Karut said, kalau diambil serius, ke kuburlah alamatnya (if it is taken too seriously, grave will be the destination).

Well, imagine that this is year 4007 and you are an archeologist. Here is a hypothesis you could be making about the origin of Malaysians. Again, if you are not happy with this blog entry, please leave now. Go home and learn to suck your own cock. By the way, if you are not a Malaysian, you might not be able to understand a thing. Sorry, no further explanation.

In the "beginning", there was only one race in Malaysia, i.e. the one with dark skin. One day, God thought that it was a good idea to introduce some diversity to the nation. So, he made a giant size swimming pool. Of course, it was bigger than all those pools in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games combined. The good news was spread next. Go to take a bath at the Swimming Pool of God and your skin will become fair.

The first group who went and bathed was indeed became fair-skinned, and the news spread further. About a quarter of the total population managed to lighten the tone of their skin. Word of mouth was the best form of communication, and now, more than half of the country came to take bath. The water level in the swimming pool had been tremedously reduced. It had became dirty as well, but the pool could still accomodate everyone. Unfortunately, this second group was only able to lighten their complexion to tan or light brown.

Finally, the last group who arrived discovered that certain area of the pool had dried up. There was a small area containing water up to a two inches high. So, it was good enough to fit in this third group. Too bad, there was only enough water to cover their feet and palm.

This ends the first part of two.


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