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Location: Penang, Malaysia

December 11, 2005

Shanghai - Hong Kong - Los Angeles

Last night (Saturday) was really an adventure. We walked along the "food" street. I don't have the name of the street with me now, but it is within walking distance from JW Marriott, Shanghai. We ate 生煎包 at 小杨生煎馆. Yummy and cheap street food. We wondered further and had some BBQ oysters, scallops, and mussels. Damn delicious! The owner's wife who is also the waitress can speak fluent non-accented Cantonese. Should have found this place earlier... but no regret, at least I tasted it once.

Started early at 6:00 am on Sunday, going to the airport. If you have the Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club frequent flyer card, you will be able to check-in using the business class lane while you actually have an economy class ticket. Since Dragon Air partners with Cathay Pacific, I tried to ask the ground crew whether I can use the business class lane by showing her my Marco Polo Club card. Shit! She told me, "先生, 对不起, 很多人都有这张卡". Hmm... Dragon Air doesn't recognize Cathay Pacific frequent flyer program. Fine!

Everyone was waiting in line for flight check-in, while an "escort service provider" was saying good bye to her client. The angmo was going back to US. I think the angmo paid for her service for a few months. "Babe, this is my last time touching you. Your skin is so smooth. I will miss you... blah blah blah... Kiss! I love you... Hope all the business discussion will go through well... blah blah blah..."

After going through health inspection, custom, and immigration, I found myself was on my way back to Hong Kong again. After checking in for the next flight, I went to the Cathay Pacific Lounge. I am not going to blog about what I did there. I met Deannie Yip Tak Han (葉德嫻). We were waiting in line to use some facilities. She was behind me. I looked back and we exchanged smiles. She is a cheerful lady.

Time goes by and finally it is time to board the plane to Los Angeles. After sometime on the plane and had dinner, lights were off. Many people were sleeping while I tried to do some exercise, and this is also the best time to use the lavatory. Talked to the cabin crew leader (she was in purple uniform) and found out that she is a Malaysian. Chatted for quite a while before I walked back to my seat. By the way, she is 15 years my senior...

I used to have pretty bad impression on Cathay Pacific air stewardess. My last trip on Cathay Pacific was back in December 2000. After that, I tried all means to avoid this lousy airline. However, this trip was pretty much lived up to expectation.

Before you realize, it is time for you to adjust your watch. You have landed at Los Angeles International Airport. The local time is blah blah blah...


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