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February 14, 2006

Happy Saint Valentine's Day

Today is the big day where money is spent in exchange for love. Sorry, I put it in a not so positive way. Well, in my opinion, showing how much you love the other party does not have to be on this time of the year. There is a feeling of being kind of "diluted" today. What do you mean?

OK, let's imagine this. If everyone in the neighbourhood is driving either a Mercedes-Benz or BMW, you will look a bit cheap even you have an Audi. Even if you have a Mercedes-Benz, you are just another Ah Beng. Too common, "ta ta lang pun si ane kuan" (a Penang Hokkien phrase). Similar to those who went for last minute shopping prior to festive season and stuck in a traffic jam for 4 hours in the shopping complex car park.

So, why not pick a day on your own and declare it your own St. Valentine's Day? That day will be the day where you don't have to compete with other Ah Bengs to buy flowers. That day will be a special day where you don't have to pay a premium for a dinner-for-two.

Someone told me about IQ and EQ sometime ago. People having high IQ does not necessarily having high EQ and vice versa. I am trying to establish a link between IQ/EQ and people's action on St. Valentine's Day. As usual, we can break this down into the famous 4 combinations, low-high, low-low, high-low, and high-high.

There are only a small percentage of people with high IQ. Yes, they are the geniuses. Most of the people in this world are having an IQ of below average. Therefore, the first group, i.e. the "low IQ high EQ" will follow what others do without thinking twice. They do it because they think that it will be abnormal if they don't it. In addition, they are taking care of their partners feelings, they don't want to take unnecessary risk. Since they made up the biggest group, their action becomes the "society's norm".

I read from a website that our friend, Mike Tyson is a an example of "low IQ low EQ". On St. Valentine's Day, these people are Ah Bengs who buy all the flowers from a florist and send to their Ah Lians. "So lohmentik ar!!!" Eight thousand eight hundred eighty eight (8888) roses, I am sure those Ah Bengs will get rich and prosperous by striking the Empat Nombor Ekor. Buy the number 1426 with 24 permutations, RM100 big RM100 small for each number.

People with "high IQ low EQ" will die very young because they cannot accept this world. Why people are so stupid??? They are smart by not participating but could ended up being single for their rest of their life... Some geniuses might try to impress their partner by learning some French words such as, "Je t'aime" (I love you), "Vous êtes très spéciale pour moi" (you are very special to me), and even "Veux-tu m'épouser?" (Will you marry me?). I don't know how it will go if the genius substitutes roses with orchids.

The winners are always those with "high IQ high EQ". They will be selling flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, strawberries, etc. at extraordinary prices. Restaurant owners will charge a first class price, with second class product, and provide third class service. Not forgetting those small entrepreneurs who sell glow-in-the-dark condoms as they are trying to make a living too. These people will be laughing their way to the bank and celebrating their own St. Valentine's Day on February 15.

The stupid guy who does nothing but blogging is sitting in front of the computer right now. Damn it.


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