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February 18, 2006


Learning English is interesting. It is not a secret that many people will try to use their own language (mother tongue) to pronounce English words. For example, Mandarin speaker will substitute "I don't want" with "爱东万" ("ai dong wan" in hanyu pinyin). A friend of mine sent me a junk mail with these pictures a couple of days ago. I guess it is interesting enough to share them here.

So, this the front page of the book with the title translated literally into English as "Self Learn English Language Not Begging People".

However, this book is not meant for Mandarin speaker. Well, it is written in Traditional Chinese but you have to say all the pronunciations in Cantonese.

Here is another page of it. I wish I have more pages to share. If you can't read or speak Chinese, please don't be mistaken that this is an effort to promote English or something. This is actualy more like a "joke-of-the-day".

I want to buy this book!!! It is definitely very much sought after by collectors.


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