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January 13, 2005

Resistance to change

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher of the late 6th century BC said, "There is nothing permanent except change". However, most of us resist change. The resistance comes from fear and the unwillingness to come out of the comfort zone.

On a personal level, many people complain of their lousy jobs, their stupid bosses, disgusting co-workers, unreasonable customers, etc. However, no one is willing change their jobs, constructively confront their bosses, and so on. These inactions are due to the fear of the consequences if one is to take the risk to change. People try to justify their action not to change by laming that "I don't want to start all over again". These lamers are losers.

People complain in kopi tiam that the government is stupid, wasting tax-payers' money, bureaucracy, etc. but they still keep the same f**king government again and again in every elections. No one wants to take the risk to let another party to form a new government, and try new things.

Globalization is an idea thought by some smart souls to make themselves richer and richer. After some time, more and more companies follow suits. Americans started to complain that "their jobs are being shipped overseas". Hey, angmo (gwailow) out there! Think about this, if it is OK forAsians to drink Coca Cola, eat McDonald burgers, save their money in Bank of America, study in Purdue, why it is not OK for Asians to work in American companies? Of course, this is a pretty good topic to be debated, but I would say those who complain are just losers.

Dr. Robert Anthony said, "When you blame others, you give up your power to change". So, stop whining, start your personal plan today. Start to think what is within your circle of influence that you want to change. Embrace change and may you have the freedom to change.


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