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December 26, 2005

Let's count the days

Every year and on every holiday, we will hear the government bull shitting on racial harmony, people working and living together building the country, success belongs to everyone, etc. Here is what we have got today:

PM on the spirit that keeps Malaysians together

KUALA LUMPUR: The tranquillity seen in Malaysia is a result of the people’s hard work and determination to maintain harmony in its multi-racial society, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“Events around the world in the past one year have proven once again that narrow- mindedness and intolerance only breed great loss and pain for all,” the Prime Minister said in his Christmas message.

Abdullah said he was happy that Malaysians of all faiths continued the tradition of sharing and caring that had been practised in the country all these years.

The nation must learn from history and not let down its guard for even one moment in ensuring that the country’s harmony was kept intact, he added.

In celebrating Christmas, Abdullah said, Malaysians must also spare a thought for the less fortunate and all those facing hardship.

“The generosity and warmth of Malaysians have been well documented and I call upon all Malaysians to display this generosity once again.

“Let us lend a helping hand to those who have to spend this festive season in great adversity,” he said.

The Prime Minister hoped Malaysians would continue to show their spirit of togetherness and continue to celebrate successes and victories, regardless of whether these were big or small.

“I take this opportunity to wish Malaysians of Christian faith a very merry Christmas. May the peace and love that we enjoy reign forever in this blessed land,” he added. – Bernama

After a few days, or a few weeks, or sometimes a few months, you will see stories like "Hispanic entrepreneurs must keep opportunity to themselves", "protect the Eskimos with the quota system", "Siberians must not sell their business license to Germans". You know who exactly who I am referring to.

Maybe Dr. Stephen Covery is right. After talking about "think win-win", "seek to understand then to be understood", and "synergy", then it is time to talk about "sharpen the saw". Time to incite racial hatred and do ethnic cleansing! Sounds like an annual cycle like animal mating.

After the Christmas message from our "work-with-him" prime minister, let's count the number of days before the next message like "create a towering Polynesian race" comes out.

Malaysians have very short memory. For companies major in researching, producing, testing, marketing, selling, or distributing Gingko Biloba, I would recommend Malaysia to be the site of choice for investment. Malaysians should eat more to improve their memory. They seems not to remember that this is the same stupid goverment that has run out of ideas and keep inciting racial hatred years after years. Believe me, you are hearing nice news today, let's wait for the not-so-nice news soon. Akan Datang!

Anyway, Merry Christmas!


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