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Location: Penang, Malaysia

February 06, 2006

Ah Lian Boey Handphones

A few of us engaged in a conversation about cellphones today which includes a topic on cellphone jammers as well. Still centered on cellphones but the sub topics jumped from 3G to tri-band / quad-band phones too. It suddenly reminded me on an interesting incident before I went to US.

First of all, this blog has nothing to do with "Ah Cheng Boey Roti" because Ah Lian really sells handphones here. If you are searching for "Unchained Melody", this entry is not the right place. Secondly, cellphones are know as handphones in this part of the world. Please don't ask me why. The best I can do is to give you RM 3.60 to consult a medium and ask god. The third point is a disclaimer. I am going to blog the real conversation in Penang Hokkien dialect. Please don't burn flags and embassies because you are insulted.

Me: Ji leh handphone si em si tri-band eh? (Is this cellphone a tri-bander?)

Handphone Lian: Ji leh moler gua kok eh sai iong eh. (This model can be used overseas)

Me: Gua kok si talok? (Where do you mean by overseas?)

Handphone Lian: Chuan seh kai pun eh sai lomming. (Can do roaming throughout the world)

Me: Lu oo ii eh 说明书 boh? (Do you have its instruction manual?)

Handphone Lian: Wa boh pian lu eh. Ha mi su ai pian lu? (I am not bluffing you. Why do I have to lie to you?)

If you are a Malaysian, I am sure you are used to this kind of attitude. However, I think angmo will just "geleng kepala" and walk away. Some might keep complaining with the "fuck" and "suck" words. Maybe should teach angmo to say "lu ki ho lang kan la..."

Look at my 3 questions again. The Handphone Lian never answered one properly. Kannineh!


Blogger filet0fish said...

if i were you, i'd teach the angmo to say "lu ki ho GUI kan la" instead! hehehhehehehe....

2:54 AM  

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