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Location: Penang, Malaysia

February 15, 2005

Interesting people with BMW 735

It was the fourth day of Chinese New Year, February 12, 2005, Saturday. I was driving from my hometown back to the Pearl of the Orient. Traffic was not really heavy on the north bound side of the expressway. During a stopover at the Gunung Semanggol R&R area, I took the advantage to fill up the tank.

When I came out of the mini mart, I noticed a metallic gold colour BMW 735 (car registration number withheld). Some interesting behaviour was observed. The owner stopped next to a pump without turning off the engine. This guy came out of the car and used his cell phone to make calls. The lady sitting at the passenger side (girl friend, I guess) looked quite bored waiting for the guy to go into the mini mart to swipe his credit card.

OK, done. The guy came out. Interesting enough, the guy asked one of the attendents to fill up the tank for him. What? I thought it is "self-service" everywhere throughout Malaysia. Interestingly, the attendent filled up for him. Hmm... maybe the attendent pitied this kind of useless people and save his breath arguing.

It's time to leave. Without saying "thank you" to the attendent, the guy drove the fucking luxury car leaving the Esso petrol station. The slut wound down the window (of course, it is an electric-powered window) and threw the receipt out. What an uneducated litter bug?

When I told this incident to a friend, his comment is that these people must be "kaya terkejut". This is definitely not the attitude of those who worked their way up from rags to riches. Well, there are so many people who die everyday, I wonder why this kind of interesting people is still roaming on earth.

Anyway, just ignore them next time if they do no harm to you. However, if they are ignorant enough to perform unsafe act, and want to die, please die a bit far away from me. I don't want to die and I don't want to be the one to dial the emergency number (or call the coffin shop). Fuck this kind of so called "rich" people!


Blogger Finn said...

Ahhh...Sounds like 2 cunts. This is not the real rich people. This is those people is not rich and try to show off to other people they are rich. This type of people should be head shot or in fact his car should caught fire while letting the engine running while filling... god bless them... Shame on his family! Kasihan for BMW, shows that uneducated people drive BMW = Be Money Wanker??

9:44 PM  

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